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30 Mar 2017

What Is VidiFire?

Vidifire review - Cuts through the noise & grabs our target audience’s attention

Keeps them HOOKED & gets them interested in what we’re talking about Vidifire.

Gives them a solution to their problem in a way that sets up the sale of whatever we’re selling

Takes them from a random viewer & complete stranger & gets them to pull out their wallet & give us cash.

Most “video gurus” are teaching outdated sales tactics that simply Don’t work in today’s extremely savvy & socially connected world.

But MY WAY has been working for centuries and it will not stop anytime soon.

Whenever I make a sales videoclip, video ad or ANY type of video where I am selling something, I ALWAYS follow this “four Step Vidifire”.

A couple times I thought I was “too good” to keep using it & those were the times when I my promotions completely BOMBED.

So, now I NEVER think twice about using Vidifire;)

It’s enabled me to go from a struggling beginner to having a six and eventually 7 figure business in a relatively short amount of time.

AND get paid top dollar doing this for other businesses.

And if you follow this exact framework when crafting video clips for you or your customers, I guarantee you’ll see an increase in sales.

There’s no way you ca not.

If this seems simple, that’s because it’s...

Us marketers tend to have this desire to want to over complicate things to make us feel important.

Who Needs VidiFire?


Vidifire- When in reality, it’s the SIMPLE proven strategies that get the best results.

This “four Step Framework” is a very specific &  dialed in process that only leverages things absolutely needed to get the sale with Vidifire

To convert casual viewers into BUYERS. It’s as simple as Vidifire

Any other unneeded filler is left out.

In fact, trying to over complicate your video clips and having extra "fat" in them will drastically kill your conversions with Vidifire

Finally, you can…

Cut through the noise, make competition irrelevant & get noticed EVEN in the most crowded niches

Stop wasting time & cash on outdated software and tactics that stopped working years ago

Crank out EPIC profit pulling video clips for you or your customers in hours instead of weeks

Kill “I don’t know what to say in my video” syndrome and easily whip up high converting video scripts in under 60 mins

Blow up sales on your next launch, affiliate promotion or eComm store with Vidifire

Lower video ad costs by crafting EPIC viral video clips that people can not stop themselves from sharing

Attract a huge audience and grow your following by the THOUSANDS by creating video clips that people actually WANT to watch and share w/ their friends

Do all of this without EVER needing to show your face on camera OR invest in expensive equipment

AND get paid $1,000-$10,000 PER VIDEO doing this for other businesses!

I like the 30 web video commercial training. It has help me improve on my skills. Happy to be here and hope to learn a lot!"

Althea Lovell

I can’t believe how much value is being given… and for so cheap! Absolutely incredible, great job!" Vidifire

Lourenco Maciel

The whole course has been INVALUABLE to me. Peter has explained a lot of stuff that I was just about to give up on asking other video people, thank you so much Peter."

Trevor Lundstrom

Your products have changed my view on the way to run my business and the services I can offer Vidifire."

Mike Beasant

I picked up Peter's first course & I was amazed. I use the information in my business and I'm able to give people the quality videos they look for Vidifire."

Robert Montoya

Peter's products ALWAYS rock, &  he brings them to you from EXPERIENCE, not just some theory that they will work. Get in now Vidifire."

Gary King

This is it, if you want to learn videoVidifire!...This guy (Peter) is a master in video, and you can learn from the best...get it!"


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